Building and Allied Trades’ Union BATU represent a number of trades in Ireland such as Bricklayers, Carpenters, Stonecutters, Tilers, Woodcutting Machinists and Allied Trades in the Building Industry, the Furniture Industry and in the Public Service.

BATU are committed to advancing the cause of Irish workers. Thousands of building workers enjoy the benefits of membership of BATU.

If you are not already a member, and you wish to join, you may do so by contacting any of our branches or downloading the application form online.

BATU is the Irish Union with an agenda. The Building and Allied Trades Union was founded in 1988 from the merger of two highly respected unions – the National Union of Woodworkers and Woodcutting Machinists & the Ancient Guild of Incorporated Brick and Stone layers and Allied Trades Union.

We are the most effective building workers Union in Ireland and are committed to a fair deal for all Building Workers, Furniture Industry Workers and Public Sector Workers, representing all our trades equally and effectively and promoting a new vision of working life for all workers in our trades.