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Irish Government Report on Bogus Self-Employment out at Last

The Government has finally released their report on Bogus Self-Employment.
Its a long report but well worth a read.

Some items of note from the report are;
Their use of the Term Disguised Employment while their
counterparts in Europe use the Term False Employment.
The fact that in the first quarter of 2013 40.81% of
Construction workers were classed as self-employed,
by the first quarter of 2017 this had dropped to 31.23%
despite the large rise in workers in construction.
The fact that in 2007 we had roughly the same amount of
workers in construction, yet the figure for the first quarter
of 2007 was 26.46%.
The Rise from 2013 till now, of course, has nothing to do with
Revenue allowing your employer to Classify your Tax status
and to save themselves approximately 30% in wages and Taxes.

So to summarise,
If you are earning €37,500 a year, Your employer saves €5159
in Tax, pays, no holiday pay, no pension, no redundancy,
and you have No Terms and Conditions of Employment.
Say No Today too eRCT Employment. Stand with BATU.

The report is below.
Government Report Bogus Self Employment